5 of The Best U.S Road Trips To Take Now

If you want to go sightseeing, we have several routes that we recommend. Whether it’s the long walks that follow famous Missouri or the shores of sparkling Lake Michigan, you can find everything you’re looking for and more. Here are 5 of our favorite trips that are guaranteed to be unforgettable adventures.


1. The meandering Missouri River

As shocking as it may seem, Mighty Mo is one of the most popular trips among Americans. The Missouri River is known as the longest river in North America. Many Americans drive 1,400 miles from St. Petersburg. Louis, Missouri to Fort Buford, North Dakota to discover and experience our extraordinary nation’s history. Don’t forget to enjoy some of Missouri’s famous music and barbecue.

2. Explore the east coast

This trip is for those who want to experience the energy of the east coast firsthand. This 250-mile journey takes passengers from the eastern corner of Massachusetts via Boston and Rhode Island to a terminal in New Haven, Connecticut. Enjoy sensational seafood, a beautiful harbor and all the marine wildlife in the Atlantic.

3. Escape from Lake Michigan

Head to the northern frontier for a family vacation on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. This place is best visited during the warm late summer days. Enjoy sand dunes, beaches, orchards, cakes and cider and stunning nature. While you’re surfing, stop by New Buffalo for fun.

4. The four southern corners

Take a trip to the southwest of your summer vacation! Visit iconic canyons and deserts on the border with America, including a visit to the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon. Turn around Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona to stand in your four corners.

5. Far south

Travel the 1,000 miles away from Louisiana to Tennessee. Take the Blues Highway direct to New Orleans for hot weather and jazz music. When you’re full, head to Cajun Country for plenty of food and fun for the whole family.

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