How to Find a Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance is within your reach

“Where can I find a Cheap Car Insurance?” That’s the million-dollar question stuck in the minds of first-time and experienced car owners. Affordable auto insurance is important because it enables a driver to directly minimize car-related expenses. In a world where gas prices are always rising, smart drivers choose to save money by seeking cheap car insurance quotes.

In order to get a reliable company that offers cheap auto insurance quotes, you need to know the exact places to find them.

Cheap Car Insurance quotes
Finding Cheap Car Insurance is within your reach

5 Places where you’re almost guaranteed to get  Cheap Car Insurance quotes

1. Military

Do you currently serve in the United States’ military? Most auto insurance companies offer hugely discounted premiums to active servicemen and veterans. In fact, USAA also offers Cheap Car Insurance quotes to the spouses and children of military personnel.

In addition to paying less, your insurance cover will compensate you for any damages that occur while the car is in storage. This is a better alternative to suspending your auto insurance because your family can still drive your car without fearing any legal consequences.


2. Colleges that are 100 miles from your home

Road accident statistics show that drivers aged between 18-40 are most prone to car accidents. Low driving experience and driving while intoxicated are the main reasons why this age group suffers numerous motor accidents each year. Rather than punish young drivers with expensive auto insurance quotes, companies resort to a motivational approach.

If you live with your parents and your college is at least 100 miles from home, you can apply for a resident student discount. First, you need to get an insurance cover from the same company that offers car insurance to either one or both of your parents.

3. Dean’s List

Hard work pays. Studying hard in college not only earns you prestige and an enviable spot on the Dean’s list, but it also qualifies you for Cheap Car Insurance quotes. You might be wondering how excellent academic performance is correlated to cheap auto insurance quotes. However, auto insurance companies believe that academically brilliant students almost always turn out into responsible drivers.

What are the requirements? You need to be less than 25 years of age. Part-time college students don’t qualify for the Good Student discount. You should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

4. Accident-free list of drivers

Auto insurance companies keep track of your driving history in order to determine your risk level. Car owners with a terrible accident rate pay expensive auto insurance premiums to discourage them from engaging in reckless driving. Why? Because insurance companies lose money whenever paying out compensations to the driver and accident victims.

Car owners who’ve displayed high levels of discipline on the road end up in the good books. Insurance companies reward these law-abiding motor vehicle owners with Cheap Car Insurance quotes.


5. Women Networks

Did you know that insurance companies allow women to pay lower insurance premiums than men?

Remember what we said about why insurance companies hate paying out compensations? Motor vehicle accident statistics show that men are more likely to engage in reckless driving compared to women. Since insurance companies want to save money, they encourage responsible driving by offering Cheap Car Insurance quotes to women.

Auto insurance companies actively reach out to women drivers working in the civil service, private sector, and high-end beauty salons. You may also come across a few advertisements in local women’s entrepreneurship networks in your city.


12 tips to help you get Affordable Car Insurance quotes

1. Fix your credit score

After receiving your application for auto insurance, companies perform hard inquiries on your credit report. This information helps your car insurance provider to assess your payment history. An excellent credit score is a sign that you pay all your monthly debt obligations on time and in full.

Car owners with poor credit scores find it hard to qualify for Cheap Car Insurance quotes due to one reason. Car insurance companies find it hard to trust them because of unsatisfactory payment histories. A poor credit score is an indicator that the car owner is highly likely to fall back on their monthly insurance payments.

2. Compare insurance premiums to the value of your car

Some insurance companies usually sell collision and comprehensive packages to drivers who own motor vehicles aged from 8-10 years. Old cars are more likely to suffer significant damage due to advanced wear and tear. Since auto insurance companies are keen on profit maximization, they differentiate liabilities into two types.

The comprehensive auto insurance plan offers compensation whenever your car suffers damage due to bad weather, falling objects, theft, and vandalism. Collision, as the name suggests, provides compensation whenever your car hits or gets hit by another car.

Now that you know the difference between these two covers, you should determine whether they reflect the true value of your car. In order to do this, add up what you pay per month in the collision and comprehensive premiums. Multiply the sum by 10 and compare it to your car’s market value. If the sum exceeds your car’s value by 50 %, find a more affordable auto insurance provider.

3. Request for low-mileage offers

Long-distance drivers have a higher rate of car accidents than car owners who drive less than 500 miles per month. If you do a little research, you’ll notice that fatigue and poor visibility due to driving at night cause thousands of car accidents annually.

Car insurance companies reward responsible drivers by offering Cheap Car Insurance covers such as pay-per-mile. You pay a fixed fee every month that’s hugely discounted compared to typical collision, comprehensive or third-party car insurance premiums. You also pay a very low rate for each mile covered per month. MetroMile offers pay-per-mile car insurance that costs 3.2 cents per mile.

4. Visit several car insurance companies

Smart clients always assess every offer in the market before making a purchase decision. Visiting all the car insurance providers in your city will help you to ask important questions to the right people. Sometimes making inquiries through phone calls can be frustrating whenever the insurance customer care representative keeps on referring you to different people along the chain of command.

Don’t allow the car insurance companies you visit to perform hard inquiries on your credit report. Each inquiry deducts five points from your current credit rating.

5. Fit your car with safety accessories

Vandalism and car break-ins fall under the comprehensive car insurance package. Car insurance companies determine this premium by assessing your motor vehicle’s safety level. If a car is too vulnerable, one cannot secure a good comprehensive cover because they pose a great risk.

Ensure that you’ve installed a renowned alarm system in your car. This is your first line of defense against theft. You also need reverse parking sensors to prevent any collisions when parking in packed lots. It’s also important to enhance your car’s visibility by placing strips of reflective tapes on your front and rear bumpers.

You can qualify for Cheap Car Insurance quotes by properly preparing for accidents. For instance, owning a fire extinguisher shows that you’re adequately prepared to handle minor fires. A life hammer will help you smash surrounding windows in order to break free from mangled wrecks.

Make sure you purchase high-quality car safety accessories because insurance companies will always inspect their quality when you file for collision or comprehensive compensations.

6. Do not add terrible drivers to your insurance policy

Have you ever heard about an auto insurance score? It’s a three-digit number used to predict a car owner’s probability of filing for compensations. Since car insurance companies receive compensation claims whenever accidents occur, it’s safe to say that an auto insurance score indicates the probability of a driver getting involved in an accident.

The auto insurance score bears some similarity to financial credit scores. If your auto insurance score is less than 524, you have a high probability of filing compensations. A borrower with poor credit often pays high-interest rates on credit. Similarly, car owners with poor auto insurance scores end up paying expensive insurance quotes.

7. Consider installing a car blackbox

A car blackbox or an Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) is a device installed in a motor vehicle in order to help insurance companies monitor a client’s driving habits. It works in a similar manner as an aircraft’s blackbox. Each day, your car insurance provider receives accurate information on miles covered, hours spent on the road, and your average speed.

Installing a car blackbox can help you get a good driver discount because it provides your car insurance with credible and real-time information on your driving habits. You can also approach your car insurance company and request for a pay-per-mile cover. If your insurance provider is happy after reviewing data transmitted by your car black box, you don’t need to do any extra persuasion.

8. Attend a defensive driving course

Car insurance companies reward you with discounts for every measure taken to enhance responsible driving and road safety. Nowadays, you can get Cheap Car Insurance quotes by simply enrolling for a defensive driving course. It’s highly affordable and takes less than a couple of weeks but you’ll enjoy the benefits for an entire lifetime.

So, what is defensive driving? It’s the knowledge and set of skills drivers use to anticipate and avoid collisions. Defensive driving teaches you how to avoid colliding into drunk drivers. You also learn how to control your car when driving in rainy or snowy weather.

9. Park your car in a secured place

One common reason why some car owners don’t receive compensation for auto theft is negligence. A car is a valuable item and your auto insurance expects you to be watchful at all times. Perhaps the main reason why your car insurance quotes are expensive is that you park your car overnight in a street or outside a convenience store instead of an enclosed garage.

Streets and open public parking spots attract burglars who have insatiable appetites for car music systems, rims, and tires. That’s why insurance companies charge expensive insurance quotes to encourage you to park your motor vehicle in well-guarded homes or parking lots.

10. Relocate to a safer neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood that has a reputation for high car burglaries, your insurance company will charge you costly car insurance quotes. High crime rates increase your probability of filing for compensations. If the crime rate happens to increase, your provider will also increase your quotes promptly.

Consider saving up and relocating to a better neighborhood. Car owners who live in gated communities enjoy Cheap Car Insurance quotes due to the availability of adequate security features. For instance, the presence of armed security guards, high perimeter walls, electric fences, and home garages.

11. Switch to an eco-friendly car

With everyone concerned about the state of the ozone layer and overall environment, switching to an environmentally friendly car comes with many benefits. Eco-friendly cars are affordable to maintain because they run on alternative fuels such as electricity and ethanol fuel.

Nowadays, car insurance companies reward environmentally conscious drivers with Cheap Car Insurance. National and federal governments offer cash incentives and various rewards to auto insurance companies that promote eco-friendly car owners.

12. Consider downgrading

Your car’s market value has a significant impact on the insurance quotes you pay. A BMW X5 owner probably pays double the amount paid by a Toyota Hybrid owner. BMW accessories cost way much more than Toyota’s so it makes sense for insurance companies to impose higher quotes on luxury brand owners.

If you don’t expect a financial breakthrough in the near future, it’s better to sell off your classy sedan and just hop inside a modest car. You’ll save a lot on your car insurance as well as gas money.

Auto Insurance companies punish irresponsible car owners with expensive premiums.

Pocket-friendly Car Insurance is within your reach!

When you look at the 12 tips shared above, you realize that you don’t need a huge budget to lower your current car insurance quotes. Taking time to visit all the car insurance providers in your city or state might only take you a couple of days. You can enroll for a defensive driving course for just $100.

Do you need additional help on how to get Cheap Car Insurance quotes? Complete Auto Loans has helped hundreds of car owners find the best insurance deals. Get in touch today and save money!

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