Is It Possible To Get A Student Car Loan and Things To Consider?

student car loan online

When you are studying away from home and in a place where you have to wait for hours to get transport to college, you might crave the independence of a car. But then you suppress the feeling, thinking, how can I? I am just a student!

What if we told you that you could get a student car loan online? Even though it is not easy for students, it can be made easy if you apply for a loan at Carloans1.

Getting car finance can serve as a great way for you to buy a car, especially when you don’t want to take financial help from your parents. As long as your age qualifies and you meet some of the basic requirements, you qualify for entering into the legally binding contract of your state.

However, if thinking about what these basic requirements are, let us help you with it.

Some requirements that need to be fulfilled for student loan

There are few lenders available online who are willing to provide you with finance against a new car, given that you meet their criteria. These include:


Every lender has a minimum age bracket set in order to be eligible to apply for the loan. Mostly, the age limit is a minimum of 21 years. However, some make an exception and dial it down up to 18years too. So, if you are someone above 18, you can seek student car loans.


The second criteria involve your job status. If you are a student who works somewhere part-time or has completed your studies recently and currently working full-time, just hand out your salary slip. This will act as proof of your regular income to the lender and show your capability to repay the loan back.

Good credit score

If you have a credit score of more than 700 and a good repayment history, then you will have no problem getting your student auto loan approved. Please bear in mind; it is how lenders check your creditworthiness, so it needs to be good. However, if you choose lenders like Carloans1, loan approval is possible even when having a relatively low credit history compared to others.


The chances of approval of student car loan USA increases when you apply with a guarantor by your side. It can be anyone with a good and stable job like a sibling, parent, or other relatives. However, you have to submit the income proof and the credit score of the same.

By guarantor here, we mean someone ready to pay for your loan in case you make a default.

Tips that will help make picking loan options easy

Most students, when they hear that they can opt for a student car loan online, they become all excited and often decide on picking a loan partner too quickly. However, to opt for the correct car loan, we are here with some helpful tips:

  • Match your loan eligibility criteria: 

Make sure the first step you take is matching your loan eligibility criteria and whether you meet them all. However, if you are missing one or two points, like having a credit score below 700, work on it.

  • Make sure you look both into loan tenure and EMI amount: 

It may seem a good idea to extend your loan repayment tenure as the EMI will be low. But as your car will be depreciating over time, you will soon require it to sell it. Not to forget, when the tenure is long, the interest is high. So, make your decision comparing both factors.

  • Look into multiple loan offers: 

Don’t make a rash decision. First, look into what different providers have to offer, their terms, and interest rate. Later, when you have made your comparison choose your suitable option.

  • Do your research on car’s MSRP: 

Before looking for a student car loan online, make sure you do your research work on a car’s MSRP. The full form of MSRP is ‘manufacturer’s suggested retail price.’ It will give a bargaining chip to negotiate better car prices. A tip we want to give here is to settle the price 5% below your budget. This will help you to bear costs like warranty, insurance, and others.

If you are still unsure where to start your car loan journey, do not panic; visit the Carloans1 site. You can expect to find all the information you need. Moreover, the good news is that you can even contact professionals about any query you may have. It is the most reliable site you will find on the internet, with hassle-free terms and an affordable interest rate. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the team today. Even if you lack some criteria, don’t sit back thinking you won’t qualify; try!