Bad PCM Symptoms

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)  could be the engine control unit are available on almost all latest vehicle models. Its main function would be to translate the performance of the engine to a language that can be understood by human beings in addition to the drivability status of that specific vehicle. It is  essential for every driver to know the various bad PCM symptoms so as to identify them if they arise.

Bad PCM Symptoms

 Three bad PCM symptoms that are common;

·Engine light

If the engine light icon becomes visible on the dashboard, there is a possibility that your PCM has detected a problem. The light turns on mostly once the engine sensors or circuits aren’t working as they should. It’s, however, been recorded that the engine light icon can illuminate on the dashboard by mistake. You ought to, therefore, ask for qualified advice from your own mechanic whenever you experience this sign of a negative PCM.

·Misfiring of the Engine

Misfiring of the engine is the most frequent bad PCM symptom as a faulty computer can’t run the car to its full capability. The starring of the engine, however, will have no pattern or frequency and drivers should, therefore, be keen and record any changes in the behavior of the engine.

·Fuel Patterns

If you notice that you will be spending more on fuel than you generally do, it is probable that you’ve a faulty PCM. Failure of the PCM makes the engine unable to determine just how much fuel it should burn leading to more fuel consumption.

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What would cause my ECM to go bad?


One of the major causes why ECM’s lose their freshness could be because of corrosion that’s due to the clear presence of moisture if the seals aren’t fixed well.

·Fuel Solenoid

Another common cause for failure of the ECM is fuel solenoid which occurs because of the harnessing of the wire that connects the ECM to the solenoid. If you are unable to restart your automobile after a few minutes then there is a likelihood that your engine has undergone a fuel solenoid.

·Dead Battery Cells

If your battery cells are dead and you jumpstart the car in the wrong method, this might cause your ECM to avoid functioning. The existing bypasses the sensor located in the starter that was created to control the voltage likely to the ECM. Bypassing this sensor can cause problems in the ECM if the voltage is huge enough to damage the critical components of the ECM.

What does the PCM control?

The Powertrain Control Module of any vehicle is an important component to the general functioning capabilities of the car as it could be the central command center for different functions of the car. In simpler terms, it acts as the mind of the car.

The PCM controls the actuators that regulate the internal combustion in vehicles. It is also responsible for the change of gears in automatic cars which ensures optimum engine performance in addition to efficient energy usage.

How do you know if your ECU is bad?

Are you currently suspecting that your ECU is broken? Here are a few signs that your ECU is faulty or broken.

  • The ECU has a tendency to overheat over short distances.
  • The vehicle tends to reduce communication memory involving the scanner and the ECU.
  • The ECU has been confronted with humid conditions which can cause corrosion.
  • Loss of spark everytime that you try to begin the car
  • Loss of capacity to the engine during transit for no apparent reason
  • Failure of the force placed on the fuel pump to be translated into acceleration.

How much does a PCM repair cost?

The expense of repairing a damaged PCM can fall ranging from 400 dollars to 1700 dollars with respect to the kind of the car. This cost is exclusive of labor cost which can add up to 1000 dollars with respect to the amount of time spent replacing the PCM.

Replacing the module is very simple. What proves to be an uphill task to numerous mechanics is accessing it as they have to disconnect every other component of the car to get to the PCM. Replacing it, however, is an excellent decision as it is just a critical component of the car that’s responsible for the normal functioning of a car.

Need Help with your ECM?

If the engine light in your dashboard is on and you can’t read the problem in your ECM, worry not as we are here to help you. Contact us today to we pledge to help you identify the root of the problem and get your PCM up and running within no time.

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