The Ultimate Deal On Civilian Armored Vehicles

Civilian Armored Vehicles

Civilian armored vehicles are hardy automobiles that promise high degrees of security. Now more than previously, it is now paramount to put our personal safety first especially with continued violence on the streets, random terrorist attacks along with in upsurge in social injustice. With widespread violence across the world, the alarming safety issues not just affects the rich and famous but also politicians, executives, heads of state and diplomats. It’s no surprise why the armored vehicle industry is experiencing a growth influx.

Civilian Armored Vehicles

The misconception about armored vehicles

1. They are for military use only

When a lot of people consider armored vehicles first thing that comes in your thoughts could be the military. What they don’t really know however, is that civilian armored vehicles do exist. Actually, research indicates that a large quantity of highly acclaimed armored vehicles such as for instance trucks, vans, cars and the likes are actually manufactured for civilian use.

2. They are not affordable

Civilian armored vehicle that have lighter protection are considered to be more affordable and accessible as well for the everyday person. These automobiles offer equally as much protection against rounds both at farther distance and point blank ranges. To produce it even more affordable, you are able to prefer to customize a sued chassis instead of purchasing one that was created from scratch. Despite your armoring level, modifying your regular car to an armored beast can still offer all of the critical horizontal and vertical protection you need your car or truck to provide.

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Who needs a civilian armored vehicle?

Generally, armored vehicles are employed by those who feel just like they’re in constant threat or risk such as for instance government officials, news reporters, celebrities, business tycoons and people residing or moving in conflict or war zones. Entrepreneurs, politicians and other folks who are able to afford the hefty price of armored vehicles usually choose for them. Civilian vehicles which have been modified and changed into armored automobiles in many cases are improvised and employed by irregular forces as well as militias.

Such vehicles will also be used to transport money and other valuables from one place to some other since armored cars tend to work as a safeguard against cargo and good high jacking or highway robbery.

Types of civilian armored vehicles

There exists an industry stigma that armored vehicles can be expensive thus being out of reach of the everyday person. However, this is simply not true since there exist several types of armored cars a few of which can be affordable to civilians thus ensuring them little bit of mind while travelling.  Listed below are a few of the kinds of civilian armored vehicles:

  • Armored Vans
  • Armored SUVs
  • Armored Sedans
  • Armored Land Cruisers
  • Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Armored used vehicles
  • Cash In Transit/ Bullion
  • Armored Trucks
  • Special Purpose Vehicles

These kinds of vehicles are either retrofitted versions of Series cars or they’re stated in the factory. It takes only about fourteen days to convert a regular car to an armored civilian vehicle. This calls for a labor intensive process where the car’s windows are replaced with bulletproof glass and the exterior body of the vehicle is fitted layers of armor under it.  Generally, the vehicle’s external appearance is left as it originally were to ensure the changes made are inconspicuous.

Why are civilian cars armored?

Exactly like military vehicles, civilian vehicles are armored for the exact same reason which can be to withstand an attack be it shells, bullets, shrapnel or missiles. However, there are a few kinds of armored vehicles such as for instance light armored vehicles that serve to fulfil ad hoc fashion interests. At present, there is also this new trend of using transparent armor for cars. This is made possible by using a special form of glass armor.

Apart from the armor, civilian armored cars will also be fitted with many different other protective paraphernalia including the following:

  • Siren or alarm system
  • Temperature regulations and pressure control systems
  • Explosion resistant fuel tank
  • Run-flat tires
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Remote starting system
  • Intercom incorporation between the inner and exterior of the car

All these exact things and more are fitted to supply the future owner of the automobile with enhanced safeguard. Therefore, there is no denying that armored cars can serve much civilian interest too. They especially come in handy it times of terrorism and strife simply because they assure a top security level. After everything is said and done however, we mustn’t forget that the excessive utilization of armor does restrict mobility. Therefore, consider getting one that’s armored simply to the extent that’s necessary since it may also allow it to be more aesthetically appealing as well.

A civilian armored vehicle vs a regular vehicle

At present, there are more than 100,000 civilian armored vehicles on the roads throughout the globe. Over the past 20 years, civilian armored cars have gone from looking like big tanks to including electric cars and other family-friendly options. Unlike military armored cars, civilian armored vehicles are created to blend in are remain as inconspicuous as possible. Actually, initially glance, they look quite much like regular civilian cars. So listed here are a few of the features which make civilian armored cars different from regular cars.

Features of a good civilian armored car

1. Ballistic glass

The glass used to create civilian armored cars is slightly distinctive from that utilized on a regular car off the lot.  The key windows, windshield and rear window and are produced from a combination of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass allowing them to absorb energy from attacks and other assaults without breaking. Normally, the glass is about someone to three inches thick and should be reinstalled completely.

2. Robust tires and bumpers

The bumpers on civilian armored cars are expected to operate through nearly anything. The reason being the main aim for manufacturing the vehicle is to ensure that in the event there is a dangerous event, the automobile will get all its occupants to safety.  This includes tires that could maintain their normal function even should they get yourself a puncture and bumpers that could withstand repeated impact.

3. A steel frame that is heavy duty

Among the first things that is added to the frame of an armored car rendering it distinctive from a regular car is ballistic-grade steel. In turn, this makes the vehicle’s body vastly distinctive from that of a typical car. In reality, the entire frame of an armored vehicle is covered in tempered steel and then applies to the frame such as for instance a jigsaw puzzle without leaving any gaps. By doing so, manufacturer make certain that remodelled cars can maintain their shape while at once gain a higher degree of security.

4. Rebuilt mechanics

Due to the added weight of both glass and steel, civilian armored vehicles are often equipped with modified brakes, engine and suspension components for the sole purpose of hauling the armor. Once it’s fully outfitted, which means driving your newly armored car will feel different.

So, the very next time you’re on your way and wondering if the vehicle next to you is armored or not, you now have the tell-tale signs to learn the difference. There are high chances though that you have already shares the street with multiple civilian armored car.

How can a regular car be armored?

Customizing both old and new models of cars, SUVs, trucks and vans is not impossible. It starts with the essential which is bullet proffing the windows along with other parts of the vehicle such as the tires, floor, engine and panels. Other things that can be carried out to upgrade your regular car to an armored vehicle and ensure protection include the following:

  • Installing smoke screens
  • Equipping the automobile with mobile communications capabilities
  • Door overlap protection
  • Ron-flat tire systems
  • Upgraded brake and suspension systems

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The difference between armor levels in civilian armored cars

A very important factor you have to know if you’re considering to purchase a private armored vehicle is that not them all are made the same. If you’re ready to get one, the first step you ought to take is deciding what degree of protection is fantastic for you. The amount of protection you will need could be determined by the following factors:

  • Your perceived threat level
  • The way you will undoubtedly be utilizing the car (will it be employed for day-to-day activities or tactical purposes?)
  • Amount of passengers
  • Your budget (i.e. cost of the car)
  • Kind of vehicle
  • Amongst others

Ballistic protection levels

The goal of a ballistic protection level is to tell you the amount of assault the vehicle can withstand or just how much security a certain degree of armor can offer you.  Listed below are a number of the common ballistic protection levels:

1. B1-B2

Those two classes are designed for withstanding a 9mm. however, they are rarely employed within armored automobiles

2. B3-B4

Those two classes can withstand assault from handguns, sporting rifles and generally guns which have a lowered bullet velocity and are shot at close distance like a .44 Magnum or .357 Magnum.

3. B5

This class provides protection from assault weapons such as for instance AK-47s. It needs a ballistic steel-thickness of at the very least 7.5mm.

4. B6

Having a higher degree of security compared to the ones stated earlier, this rating is meant to prevent armor piercing rounds. The B6 is among typically the most popular protection level since it’s not complicated to implement while adding a massive security advantage

5. B7

Here is the strongest protection that’s often offered. It stops a number of armor piercing rounds including extra high-velocity rifles to even sniper rifles. In many cases, this is actually the highest degree of protection that’s fitted within civilian-grade armored vehicles. However, special purpose cars that could and more often than not, do accommodate higher levels of protection.

Bear in mind that you might want to find a happy median when selecting the protection degree of your car or truck since more armor equals more weight. If the performance of your car or truck is inhibited to a point where escape in times of danger becomes difficult, then no number of armor will undoubtedly be good for you.

How much does it cost to get your car bulletproof?

As previously mentioned earlier, you can either buy a private armored vehicle that was produced from scratch or get your own personal car remodelled and modified to supply the protection you need. Now, if you’re looking for bulletproof car price then you’re in the best place.  The price of bullet-proofing is influenced by a number of variable including the kind of car you need bullet-proofed, the amount of protection you will need and the company you decide on for the job. Ideally, the price of bullet-proofing your car or truck could range anywhere between $10,000 an $100,000.

Individual factors that play a role in the overall cost of bullet-proofing your car

Listed below are a number of the factors that play an important role in the overall amount you will pay to truly get your car bulletproof.

1. Windows

Bullet proofing the windows of your car or truck is one of the first steps to ensuring your safety while on the road. However, you first need to choose what degree of protection you will need for your windows if you’re looking to guard yourself from bullets, shells or any other materials that could penetrate your windows.

2. Tires

This really is where you will spend the smallest amount of sum of money when bullet proofing. When it comes to bullet proofing tires, you can find a number of options you can select from which will ensure your car or truck is not stopped by bullets or spike strips. They will ensure that you will get away no matter what.

3. Floor

Bullet proofing the ground of your car or truck can also be essential because you also need protection from grenades or bombs that could be placed underneath your car. Much like tires, there are also a number of approaches to re-enforce the ground of your vehicle.

4. Panels and gas tank

Another part of your car or truck that needs to be protected from bullets is the panels. With this knowledge, you can decide whether you want to protect particular panels or all panels. In addition, you need to choose on the amount of protection you will need when doing so. At present, you can find only a few companies offering protection against the penetrating force of a 0.5 caliber.

5. Engine

You could be in very big trouble should a bullet penetrate the engine of your car or truck, this is actually the reason you will need to bulletproof it. Having the best engine bullet protection may potentially save your life.

Reasons your business should invest in an armored truck

In the recent years, the clientele for armored trucks has increased ultimately causing the overall sales of armored vehicles. Apart from transporting cash and jewelry, these type of cars will also be used to ferry around important machines and equipment. If you are running a company that does either of the aforementioned, listed below are reasoned explanations why purchasing an armored truck could be beneficial.

1. It will become a corporate asset

Whether your company is big or small, it could still benefit a great deal from utilizing an armored truck. Protection however, still remains the primary benefit as your employees won’t need certainly to worry about their security and protection along with that of the valuable goods, documents or even individuals that they will be transporting.

2. Robust and muscular protective features

There are a variety of reasoned explanations why you might need security for your products as they are being transported. An armored truck can offer protection from the valuables being transported. With muscular and robust features, armored vehicles are designed for keeping important instruments or machines from getting damaged.

3. Discreet style

Armored trucks have a secretive look that enables it to perfectly merge with regular trucks. Long gone are the days if they used to appear bulky and boxy. The only real difference between armored trucks and regular trucks would be the proven fact that armored trucks are enhance with bulletproof glass and thick metal sheets. Because its discreet feature, your employees along with the nice they are carrying could be disguised without attracting the incorrect attention.

Top civilian armored vehicles for sale

Whether it’s transporting an important public figure, politician, business mogul, celebrity or simply collecting or dropping money to a bank or ferrying important documents, equipment, machines somewhere, these cars are guaranteed to offer you maximum safety.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

For over 30 years now, this globally renowned auto-making company has specialized in ensuring that their clients aren’t hurt while riding in one of their automobiles. The Toyota Land Cruiser is built to offer you solid protection from things such as rifles. It can be fitted with a diesel engine that could cover 370 miles and never having to stop for gas.

2. Mercedes Benz S600

This beauty is designed with a blast-proof undercarriage, night vision and so much also includes a V12 engine that is included with extra protection in-front to ensure no body takes it out. What makes this car so great in the first place is its ability to steadfastly keep up everything.

3. The Huron

This beast is heavily armored offering a high a advanced of protection. If your risk level isn’t that high then you almost definitely don’t need this car but however you can’t afford to be wrong

4. Maybach

The Maybach can withstand a .308 caliber rifle firing armor piercing rounds. It is a combination of both class and protection. While people claim that you shouldn’t attract focus on yourself if you should be buying civilian armored car, this beauty is quite the opposite.

5. Popemobile

Made by Texcalibur Armor who generally specialize in armored vehicles for bank transactions, the Popmobile is among their armored vehicles that can be utilized for private needs.  This machine is technically called a “Presidential Vehicle” and it includes a bulletproof glass.

6. Chevrolet Camaro

If you are searching for an armored vehicle that blends in with other cars traveling then a Chevrolet Camaro is the obvious choice.

7. Mercedes G-Class AMG

The windows and doors with this car can stop a .357 with full metal jacket bullets at point blanks range. This degree of [protection is deemed fit enough for some mid-level diplomats by NATO. With the Mercedes G-Class AMG you’re okay, well unless you’re being attacked by a genuine army.

8. Knight XV

Built from scratch to ensure your safety, this super luxurious armored car is designed with Kevlar-reinforced ballistic fiber glass for the fenders. Its interior is 100% bespoke and you can get it with wool carpeting and suede covering everything else.

9. Chevrolet Suburban

Once featured in a Harrison Ford movie, this beauty offer all of the protection you need.

Leasing a civilian armored vehicle

In the event that you can’t afford to get one or at the very least customize your regular car to become armored or even better you do not want your can purchase one but you might need it from time to time to time then there’s the possibility of leasing or renting one.  You may get anything from the Porsche Cayenne to a discrete Camry. All you need to do is pick what you would like and the car includes a driver (for most cases) who’s already fully trained to help you escape dangerous situations such as for instance ab encounter with armed thugs. Even though a bit expensive, renting or leasing a bulletproof vehicles start at a much more sane figure and are certainly worth the risk of not getting robbed or shot at.

The future of civilian armored vehicles

Thanks to advancement in technology, civilian armored cars will quickly become less heavy-duty and more transparent in the near future. Along with this, there will still be major improvements on the level of security that these vehicles offer today. As a matter of fact, ballistic glass is already becoming better and lighter.

With the development of self-inflating tires in addition to improved car design, it will undoubtedly be extremely difficult to inform the difference between a civilian armored vehicle from a typical vehicle.


When you can afford it, getting a civilian armored car or customizing your regular car to be bulletproof is a no brainer. We reside in a chaotic world that is saturated in uncertainties, so you will want to protect yourself or your organization if you can? Get one today!