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Bad Credit Car Loans

If you find yourself needing to buy a car but you have less than perfect, even bad, credit, you’re not alone. Not in today’s marketplace. That’s why organizations like have taken such an active interest in finding lending sources for bad credit auto financing. Our network of professionals focus on bad credit car finance.

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As you may have discovered, car loans with bad credit can be a challenge. We try to ease the burden on you by making the process as simple and quick as possible.

Our Process for Bad Credit Car Loans

The Good and Bad of Bad Credit Car Loans

When starting out on your quest remember to be realistic. To a lender, a bad credit score equals risk. In the past, for most auto loans, bad credit was a deal killer. Today, though, because we’ve had such credit and unemployment issues nationwide, auto loans with bad credit are relatively plentiful.

That said, you will find most interest rates to be high. You will need to provide proof of income (pay stubs, etc.), a driver’s license, something to verify your address and probably a down payment on the vehicle of your choice. Dealer rebates can help with the latter issue. So while you’re not going to qualify for bad credit or poor credit car loan like you would with good credit, you can still get a car and, with that loan, you can begin to rebuild your credit score.

Searching for the Right Auto Financing for Bad Credit

So what are you searching for? Car loans bad credit or car finance bad credit? Whatever keywords you use, check the results carefully. Make sure your provider has a national network of professionals. That tells you that they deal with all kinds of situations and will probably have the best assortment of loans available. Remember, car finance for people with bad credit is a specialty. Not all lenders can or will work with you. Also, make sure that whatever terms are offered are ones that you can live with. One thing you don’t need at this point in your life is another loan you can’t pay back.


Because when it comes to car financing with bad credit, we have your best interests at heart. Auto loans, for bad credit or poor credit, should be handled by professionals. The interest rate will be high but it shouldn’t be too high. The type of car you buy may have an impact on the car financing, bad credit buyers need to buy cars that will maintain their value. So fill out our application today and let us help you get back on your feet or wheels.

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