Teen Driving Apps

Driving is the riskiest activity a parent can imagine their children engaging in. Statistics show that the amount of accidents occurring is higher for teenage drivers in comparison to adult drives and because of this, parents often deny teenagers their freedom to drive. This is attributed to careless driving and speeding which is rampant among teenagers. Accidents associated with minor drivers is the main reason why you will need a teen driving app.

Teen Driving Apps

Solutions are being sought to be able to curb this menace and one of these brilliant solutions is the development of teen driving apps. They’re software applications that have developed to be able to monitor the behavior and location of teen drivers. The app is installed in the smartphone of the teen and several of those apps have been modified such that they may automatically switch on once some conditions have been met. The app on the teen’s phone may be associated with other devices which makes it possible for the parents to get notifications once the principles set have been bent.

Activities that can be sensed by a teen driving app

There are numerous activities that parents get notified about by the teen driving app if their teenage engage in them. These activities include;


Speeding is the most typical cause of accidents among teenagers. They are usually curious to explore many locations and for that reason, they may end up speeding to be able to accomplish their missions. The teen driving app notifies the parents that their child is driving at a top speed enabling them to warn teens against over speeding which will help cut down the amount of accidents.

Distracted driving

There are many social media platforms that may be accessed by smartphone users. Social media marketing has made most of the teenagers remain hooked with their smartphones which distracts their attention. Accidents are occurring due to distracted driving and teen driving apps such as true motion family enable the parents to detect when the teenage driver is employing a smartphone while driving. Some apps have the capacity to restrict the activities a smartphone can operate while the vehicle is moving whereby some apps are deactivated.


At times teen drivers may get tempted to visit places without the data of their parents. Some of those places may be insecure posing a danger to the life of the young adults. By utilization of GPS teen driving apps notify the parents about the location of their teenagers enabling them to restrict usage of insecure places.

Recommended teen driving apps

With the growing technology, several teen driving apps have been developed. The next are some of the greatest teen driving apps;

Snap secure

This teen driving app carries out two main functions. First, the app notifies the parent when the teen driver is employing a smartphone when driving. Additionally it enables the parent to locate where their teenager reaches a given time.


This app disables specific apps on the teen’s phone whenever they are driving. This means that the young driver cannot easily get distracted while driving. The app alerts the parents if the teenager tries to gain access to permission to use the disabled apps. Parents are assured that permission isn’t granted unless the teen driver parks the vehicle safely.

Pros of textecution teen driving app

  1. It’s easy to use the app.
  2. The app ensures no distraction while driving.
  3. Textecution app notifies the parent when the teenager uninstalls it.

Cons of textecution app

  1. It doesn’t provide an emergency option that automatically grants permission in the event of an accident.

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Life 360

Life 360 is a teen driving app that provides the driving history of a child. The parent can also be notified about the location of their children. The sole disadvantage of life 360 app is that though it sends a notice, the teenager can switch it off in a way that the parent cannot track their movement.

 Safe driver

With this app, the parent can track down the speed of the young adult. The parent can also be sent notification on the precise located area of the teenager. However, this app requires cooperation from the teen for it to work conveniently.

Phone Sheriff

Phone sheriff remotely tracks all the details which can be crucial. It has a tool for blocking websites that is inbuilt which helps parents restrict teen’s phone usage while driving. It is the greatest app a parent can use to watch on their teen’s location at a given time.

Mama bear safety app

A parent is able to keep connected with their children utilizing the mama bear safety app without necessarily calling them. Through this app, parents can monitor social media use by their teens ensuring no distractions while driving. Additionally it posseses an selection for tracking the located area of the kid. The very best feature of this app is that in the event of an emergency is sends instant alerts showing where in fact the teen driver is located. Both Android and IOS users can use the mama bear safety app.

True motion family protect

This teen driving app has a unique feature of rewarding safe driving teens to motivate them to keep an excellent driving record. Additionally it may track the located area of the young driver. It’s designed for Android and IOS users.


Relatively, this is the ideal app designed to minimize distracted driving resulting from texting.The application compatibility to smartphones is assured because it reads out messages loudly whenever the teen driver receives any. The teen can send a reply to the sender via voice rather than scrolling the device to be able to text back which will cause distraction. Drivesafe.ly app can also be attached to Bluetooth device of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Parents should worry no more about their teens driving safety. It is clear that several apps that they may use to monitor the behavior of young drivers have been developed. Moreso, these apps are available for several smartphone whether an android phone or IOS phone. Therefore, teens must be left to operate a vehicle freely provided that their parents can monitor them.

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