How to Track a Car Using Your Phone

On the off chance that you own a vehicle, you’ll need to affirm its area sooner or later. Regardless of whether you’ve leased it out or you need to keep a tab on your workers, you can do so advantageously because of innovation. How about we examine how to follow a vehicle utilizing your telephone.

Instructions to Track a Car with a Cellphone

Would you be able to follow your vehicle with your telephone? This is an inquiry that numerous proprietors battle with. Today, innovation has progressed and you can helpfully follow your vehicle utilizing your cell phone as long as it’s GPS empowered, and has a fantastic telephone network inclusion. It shouldn’t be a Smartphone. In the event that you lean toward utilizing a prepaid arrangement, guarantee the information is sufficient to finish the following interaction relying upon your necessities. Here are steps to assist you with understanding the cycle better.

Stage 1

Recognize a vehicle following GPS application. Now, you are likely pondering: is there an application that can follow my vehicle? Indeed. There are different applications you can use to follow your ride.

Google Maps is perhaps the most well known applications that you can utilize anyplace on the planet. It’s an ideal GPS route arrangement that accompanies various highlights. Aside from offering profoundly exact headings, Google Maps permits you to follow your course and history. You can likewise utilize it to find conveniences inside your region.

Stage 2

Contingent upon the vehicle following application you pick, you should enlist. Make a username and secret key for your record. You will likewise have to enter in a substantial email address and a useful phone number. In the event that you pick a paid application, you may have to incorporate installment subtleties.

Stage 3

You will get an instant message and email approving your enlistment. Snap on the gave connect in the instant message or email and adhere to the gave directions to download the application to your telephone.

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Stage 4

Continue to the vehicle following GPS application’s site. You will see a far reaching road map total with your client name and a flickering speck near it. The speck addresses the cell phone.

You will actually want to follow it wherever it goes. Despite the application you pick, you’ll get a 30-day history of the development of your vehicle. Some applications will give different subtleties, for example, normal stop times and speed.

Stage 5

Distinguish a concealed area in your vehicle, for example, behind the glove compartment or under the seat, and spot the telephone there.

Following Your Car Using Inbuilt GPS System

These days, you’ll find  inbuilt GPS route framework in nearly andy vehicle. For this situation, you will not need a different tracker for your vehicle.

Notwithstanding, you’ll need to sign in to the GPS following stage’s site to get to the following subtleties. Similarly just like the case with the main choice we talked about above, you’ll need to enlist and login to screen the area of your vehicle.

Indeed, even in this computerized and trend setting innovation time. A few vehicles don’t accompany inbuilt GPS. Keep in mind, a portion of the GPS empowered vehicles highlight a superior assistance. As a vehicle proprietor, you should pay a particular add up to keep getting area cautions from your vehicle.

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Would you be able to Track a Car with Bluetooth?

Following your vehicle with your cell phone isn’t just reasonable, but at the same time it’s advantageous. All things considered, there are limits like helpless organization inclusion. At the point when confronted with such difficulties, you can select uniquely planned GPS and position following contraptions.

A significant number of these devices are Bluetooth empowered and have more extensive inclusion contrasted with customary contraptions. While some of them can conceal to 200 feet Bluetooth contraptions have a restricted reach. For powerful assistance, pick a contraption that consolidates GPS and different geo-area stages.

These accompany delayed battery life and some can work for around 14 days without running out of force. For this situation, you’ll likewise have to login to the framework’s site to check the area of your vehicle.

Numerous Tracking Platforms

Consolidating various following stages is the most ideal approach to get a more powerful and exact area following assistance. Guarantee your telephone has appropriate cell, remote, and GPS network. This will promise you longer battery life.

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Vehicle Tracking Apps in the Market

Aside from Google Maps, there are other vehicle following applications in the market to look over. These include:



FamiSafe and SpySat

Accutracking is a paid-for service and you will need a monthly subscription to use the services. Instamapper, on the other hand, is free. Having multiple tracking apps for your car is a great way of locating your car more effectively and precisely. 

Enrolling for an Account

As we’ve referenced previously, you’ll need to make a record for the following application you pick. To appreciate the highlights of the application, utilize your subtleties to login to your record. When utilizing your telephone as a GPS tracker, you’ll need to dominate the telephone number.

Further, you’ll need to choose how you need to keep up your GPS tracker. On the off chance that you wish to make them run nonstop you may need to associate the charging link to the vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter.

Contingent upon the area of your cell phone GPS tracker, some vehicle proprietors associate the charging link on electrical wires prompting the vehicle’s battery. These methodologies are helpful however you don’t need to utilize them. All things considered, you can battle with eliminating the wireless and charging it at night.

Qualities of a GPS Car Tracker

GPS trackers are accessible in changing sizes and shapes. Here is what’s in store from these devices.

Constant Tracking

Numerous GPS vehicle following contraptions come total with continuous global positioning frameworks. These permit you to find the situation of your vehicle from the guide as it explores from one spot to the next.

Some high level contraptions will show the vehicle’s speed and its present status, that is, regardless of whether it’s moving, inactive, or left. You can exploit the tracker’s easy to understand interface to oversee various vehicles.

Excursion History

With your GPS tracker, you can undoubtedly check all the outings executed by your vehicle in a day from the guide. Here, you will discover various subtleties, for example, the quantity of stoppages made, kilometers covered, inactive time, and normal speed covered.

You’ll additionally see data about over speeding. With a high level tracker, you can likewise check a rundown of the whole excursion. Regardless of whether you need the tracker for individual or business reasons, this element is significant.


Did you realize that you can tweak your GPS vehicle global positioning framework to hand-off a wide scope of alarms? Get alarms toward the beginning and end of each outing. Utilize the geo-fencing highlight to get alarms when the vehicle redirects from the assigned course.

You can likewise get fuel utilization and pilferage, and alter cautions. In case you’re utilizing your tracker for individual reasons, arrange it to alarm you when your vehicle is expected for support.

Limitless Access Anywhere and Anytime

We are living in a very much associated world where you can undoubtedly get to data. Guarantee the global positioning framework you use is available by means of various choices, for example, through cell organization, the web, and GPS. You can likewise consolidate an easy to use application for improved accommodation and adequacy.

Presently you realize how to follow a vehicle utilizing your telephone

In the event that you own a vehicle, you’ll need a decent quality GPS vehicle following contraption to screen its area. These prove to be useful to assist you with finding your vehicle in the event of burglary. A few vehicles accompany inbuilt GPS trackers which you can design effortlessly. Notwithstanding, you may have to make a month to month membership to appreciate the administrations. This is the place where a GPS cell phone comes in.


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